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Approach & Process

B2B Box contains, among the others:

  • Ideas and projects

  • Exchange between entrepreneurs

  • Tech Start-ups

  • Environmental Start-ups

  • Digital Start-ups

  • Early stage businesses

  • Private Equity Companies

  • Private investors

  • Institutional Investments Organisations

  • Private and institutional sponsors

  • Management Consulting Companies

  • Corporate and Business Support services providers

  • Banking Solution





B2B have a proven strategy of sector focused investing; looking for opportunities where capital, experience and insight can release the potential of businesses and lead to significant growth, thereby generating superior returns for the millions of individuals, corporates and sovereigns whose pension funds and investment plans commit to funds advised by B2B. 

Investment executives teams in each of our global sector are responsible for sourcing and reviewing potential investment opportunities for our funds.  

The firm has successfully pursued this strategy since its creation.

Our sector focus, combined with an established network of local offices and a global platform, represents the foundation of B2B Partners' strategy. Typically, B2B Partners attempt to grow businesses by acting as a catalyst for change and we have established clear processes to maximise the value of our portfolio.



We generate a huge amount of investment ideas. Each of these ideas is subject to rigorous assessment by the investment team. When the investment thesis is sufficiently developed, it is brought before our internal investment committees who assess the opportunity.


We harness the varied array of talents within the firm and our network of advisers to deliver the best mix of support to the companies in which our Funds invest.


The average length of an investment by B2B Funds is around five years. Once the initial investment thesis has been realised, an exit committee is called to begin discussions about the future ownership of the business in question.

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